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Bolefloor has introduced a truly unique range of flooring and finishing products; it wasn't nature that created straight floorboards: it were the limitations of technology. Bolefloor is the worlds first manufactured hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow a tree's growth. With the help of our revolutionary technology, we are able to produce wooden floors where we conserve the original organic shape of the tree. Every floorboard that reaches our production is scanned and stored in our warehouse. When we have a project to place our floors, our software proposes the optimal combination of thousands of floorboards from our warehouse in order to optimise the wood usage. This way we are able to use virtually all wood from our trees. The result is beautiful natural flooring, with much more efficient use of the tree's wood and floors that are totally individual. Bolefloor manufacturers totally bespoke wood flooring, every Bolefloor is unique, ever floorboard is unique.


Curv8 is our new modular curved flooring product. Thanks to our new Nature's Fit™ technology, we have preserved the 8 forms most true to the way they grew in nature. These eight patterns are derived from Bolefloor's scan data from more than 100,000 trees. For every Curv8 floor, natural edged raw boards are selected to fit one of these eight forms. Curv8 curves are never cut from straight boards in a wasteful manner. Each Curv8 module matches perfectly with every other Curv8 module, making an endless pattern possible but, with our clever design layout, does not have noticeable repetition. Modules, eight planks covering a total of 2.8 square meters, are packaged in separate cartons for easy installation, accompanied by installation instructions and come at even more accessible prices.


Bole flooring
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